Host: Ian Harrower

Ian Harrower was born into a musical family and  canʼt remember a time when there wasnʼt music in his house or life. If the records werenʼt spinning at home, it was because there were 7 people jamming live music in the living room with his father, a player and builder of electric guitars and basses. This was a huge influence on Ian as far back as he can remember, and an obvious start to what would become his passion in life.
By the time he was 10 Ian was three instrument under his belt and was playing in his first band. At 13, Ian met his good friend Gabriel Hart (singer/guitar player/songwriter) through a mutual friend. This was the start of a long personal and musical relationship. Gabriel introduced Ian to the underground world of punk music.  At this time “The Starvations” had started. The band became the start of playing music “for real”. They really worked on song-writing, playing live shows, and recording records. There was a small punk rock record shop in Laguna Beach, CA called “Underdog Records” that really gave them a great outlet for learning.

As Ian grew up, so did his interest in all forms of music. During his teen years Ian started to listen to, and appreciate many different styles of music. Including country, bluegrass, blues, delta blues, cajun, soul, and early pop. Ian also furthered his interest in punk, rock, and all things in between. With his new found interest in different genres came the urge to learn some of the instruments associated with these styles of music. So, in his usual fashion, Ian started collecting this gear. Including: banjo, mandolin, accordion, dobro, cello, trumpet, upright bass, autoharp, 12 string acoustic guitar, many forms of percussion, and whatever else he could get his hands on!

When Ian was in his early 20ʼs he made the move from Orange County, CA to Los Angeles, CA  He realized that there is music used in everything on film and television. He thought to himself, “why canʼt I make music for film and television? I play many instruments and have knowledge of many forms of music.” This was a eureka! moment of sorts. Ian realized that you can have a better chance at making a living with music if you think outside the box and try to get as many jobs as possible within music. He had only really known playing in live bands, touring, and making records. Ian proceeded to make contacts within that industry and ended up scoring a few short films, a featurette, a feature documentary, and made music for several TV shows.

Ian and his Triumph motorcycle.

After Ian had figured out how to use music in other ways, his world opened up. He now co-writes and collaborates with other artists and writers for recording or film/TV projects. Ian works with several bands as a hired professional. He recently played drums for Nick 13 who is known as the frontman for Tiger Army. Ian has also recently collaborated with Alain Whyte (Morrissey/Red Lightning) on song writing/recording sessions. Another really cool thing that Ian gets to do is fill in for one of his favorite drummers Bill Bateman (The Blasters/Cramps) in a band called Rumble Kingwhen Bill is on tour with other bands. Ian has his own band with his girlfriend Danni called “Red Roses” that he sings and plays guitar in. Believe it or not, in Ianʼs 26 year music career this is the first band heʼs played guitar in and done vocals for! Ian continues to write music for film and television. As a matter of fact, all music that you hear on Down The Highway, besides the people being interviewed is written, recorded and performed by Ian.

This brings us to the present. Ian is very excited and enthusiastic about music as a whole. He always considers himself a student. With playing the instruments to learning about bands, artists and styles Ian is constantly learning. He is always looking forward to where his career with music can go next and what he might learn along the way.

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